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They Ready Dope Energy Spray

They Ready Dope Energy Spray

WAYS TO USE Alchemy They Ready Dope Energy Spray


Intent transforms: with any of the suggestions below it is helpful to first take a moment to become present in your breath and in your space. Infuse the action with the balance, shift, harmony, peace or protection you seek.

  • To Generally Freshen: spritz liberally. Car, Home, Office

  • To Fragrance the body: scent the bath and use as a skin toner after (not the face). Add to hair rinses. Mist into the shower steam. Add to foot baths. Use as and aftershave.

  • Clearing the energy of a space: Add to floor washes, dish water, etc, dumping the water away from the home. Lightly mist your broom bristles or dusting cloth. Pay special attention to corners and other stagnant places.

  • For warding: Lightly spritz Alchemy Florida Water at all four points of doorways into your home. Alternately, you can mist onto a cloth, cotton ball or small broom and burnish the doorways.

  • To signal a shift in energy: Set the tone by using the fragrance to signal the start of meditation or yoga practice: creating the scent association will help the body relax as soon as you smell the aroma in the future. To do this, put a little of the cologne in your hands and gently inhale and exhale three times before you begin your practice. Spritz onto a small cloth, wool bead or handkerchief and carry with you for a refresher as needed.

  • Protecting the perimeter: Charge sea salt crystals in the sunlight and gently mist. Sprinkle around the perimeter of your house. Inside, sprinkle around the edges and in corners of rooms. Sweep the room, moving everything towards the door, inviting unwelcome energy to leave the house. (You could charge up some of our Florida Water Soaking Salts, which contain Celtic Sea Salt and the plant magics, and use them as an alternative).

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