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Ancestor Money Joss Paper

Ancestor Money Joss Paper

About this item

  • [Introduction] Ancestor money, also known as ghost money, spiritual money, incense paper, heaven banknotes, hell banknotes, etc. For the money of the deceased in another world, burn more paper money, and the deceased will have money in that world.
  • [How to use] Find a place to put the items that Mr. Zu liked, pray, and then burn the ancestors' money into the stainless steel basin. Believe that their ancestors will receive the money and will bless them with health and wealth.
  • [Doctrine] Burning ancestors' money and offering ancestors' money will bring good luck. This is the best tool for us to take care of our ancestors. In return, they will take care of us and bring us good luck. What you did for your ancestors is to do it for yourself. All ancestors' money has been blessed by relatives and has extra energy! In addition, store it in the altar space to gain more power!
  • [Applicable scenarios] Suitable for funerals; All Souls' Day, Ching Ming Festival, ancestor's birthday, Zhongyuan Festival, etc.
  • [You will get] 80PCS x 4Pack, a total of 320 sheets. Denomination: 1000
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